In order to test the continuous further development of our machines in realistic production use, we offer the option of contract manufacturing in our demo center.

Everything that the PRIMACON machines stand for can be manufactured: high flexibility, from simple 3-axis to highly complex 5-axis components. With the highest precision and the best surface quality.
All machinable materials can be processed. From plastics to aluminum, non-ferrous metals to hardened steel.

- Series from 20 pieces (up to 1000 pieces) with a maximum raw part size of 100mm edge length. These can be implemented economically with the PRIMACON automation based on ITS-115 installed in the demo center.
- Smaller series, individual pieces and prototypes also up to ø290mm (also 5-axis)

Even if you have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then work with you to develop an optimal solution.


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